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Pfrank(批量改名) V1.81 英文绿色版

Pfrank(批量改名) V1.81 英文绿色版
  • 大小:6.01 MB
  • 语言:简体中文
  • 时间:2016-12-31
  • 方式:免费软件
  • 类型:国产软件
  • 环境:Win10/WinXP/Win7/Win8
  • 安全检测: 360安全卫士 360杀毒 电脑管家
  • 星级 :



         成批重新命名文件,能使用固定的表达式,其中预先确定重新命名指令或者组合。被预先确定的重新命名指令允许字母和计数的插入,记载日期,父文件夹命名, MP3 来自 MP3 的标识文件和 EXIF 从 JPEG 的标识文件。
note:PFrank is an acronym for Peter's Flexible RenamiNg Kit. This is a Freeware bulk file renaming program that runs under Windows. With this tool you can easily organize your music files, picture files, or any other types of files. PFrank comes equipped with many features, some of which you won't find on any other renaming program. The beauty of this tool is it's flexibility. You can easily build any renaming command sequence you like, preview all of the results, press the rename button, and you're done.

Pfrank(批量改名) V1.81 英文绿色版